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" Hermann Nier started the hurricane lantern factory "Hermann Nier Feuerhandwerk” in 1902. In the same year, he applied for a patent for the manufacturing of lanterns using the stamping and folding techniques with tinning by hot-dipping and without hand-soldering. Between 1918 and 1938, Nier Feuerhand became the biggest producer of hurricane lanterns in the world. "  
£ 6.50
Feuerhand 276 Burner with WickReplacement burner with wick for the Feuerhand Lantern 276
£ 5.00
Feuerhand 276 Clear Glass GlobeReplacement clear glass globe for the Feuerhand 276 Lantern
£ 3.50
Feuerhand 276 Fuel Filler CapReplacement fuel filler cap for the Feuerhand 276 Lantern
£ 1.50
Feuerhand 276 Replacement Wick - 12cmReplacement 12cm wick for the Feuerhand 276 Storm Lantern
£ 179.99
Feuerhand Fire Barrel PyronThe Stainless Steel Fire Barrel - Efficient and Solid
£ 110.00
Feuerhand Pyron PlateThe Pyron Plate turns your Feuerhand Pyron into a cooking station
£ 19.99
Feuerhand Storm Lantern 276The Original Feuerhand Storm Lantern, made in Germany
£ 27.99
Feuerhand Storm Lantern 276 - Colour EditionThe Original Feuerhand lantern, made in Germany - Colour Edition