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Feuerhand Storm Lantern 276

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Feuerhand Storm Lantern 276
  • Feuerhand Storm Lantern 276
  • Feuerhand Storm Lantern 276


  1. The Original Feuerhand lantern, made in Germany. This solid and high grade lamp, gives you light for about 20 hours with a full tank.

    Made of high-grade 0.3mm sheet steel and hardened wire, completely tin-plated, they include a long top carry bale, self-venting hood, bottom fuel regulator. The glass globe is made of legendary Schott-Suprax glass!

    The bottom reservoir with 11.5oz capacity, is easily filled and will burn kerosene/paraffin or any other cool-burning lantern fuel for up to 20 hours, with optimum brightness with no flickering or sooting. No sharp edges and no leaking!


  2. - Bale handle
    - 20 hours burn time
    - Easy maintenance

  3. Dimensions: 15 x 26.5 x 13.5 cm
    Weight: 530 g
    Tank Capacity: 340 ml
    Cross Section Dimension : 13 cm
  4. Galvanised Steel


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Shopping Satisfaction
Not had chance to use this yet but it is well made and offered ata competitive price.
Neil G.