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Grills & Firepits
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Grills, Stands & Fire Pits

£ 24.99
(-15.00%) £ 21.24
Coghlans Camp GrillLarge folding steel grill
£ 39.99
(-15.00%) £ 33.99
Coghlans Heavy Duty Camp GrillThis heavy duty camp grill is ideal for when using cast iron cookware
£ 10.99
(-15.00%) £ 9.34
Coghlans Pack GrillFolds flat for easy storage or packing
£ 45.00
(-15.00%) £ 38.25
Coghlans Tri-Pod GrillIdeal for cookouts, this grill can be placed anywhere
£ 179.99
Feuerhand Fire Barrel PyronThe Stainless Steel Fire Barrel - Efficient and Solid
£ 110.00
Feuerhand Pyron PlateThe Pyron Plate turns your Feuerhand Pyron into a cooking station
£ 200.00
Petromax AtagoExtremely robust and indispensable for outdoor enthusiasts
£ 39.99
Petromax BK1 Hobo StoveThe Petromax BK1 is a light and efficient outdoor stove to use on the move.
£ 15.99
Petromax Cast Iron Stack GrateCook at several levels with the Petromax stack grate..
£ 14.99
Petromax Cast Iron TrivetProvides excellent heat distribution accross the pot.
£ 18.99
Petromax Cooking StandThe Petromax Cooking Stand is the perfect complement to outdoor cooking.
£ 59.99
Petromax Cooking TripodWith the Petromax Cooking Tripod you will enjoy a great outdoor-cooking experience
£ 79.99
Petromax Fire AnchorWith the Petromax Fire Anchor, you will turn your campfire into a practical and versatile cooking area.
£ 149.99
Petromax Fire BridgeThe Petromax Fire Bridge turns your fire place into a versatile outdoor kitchen with grilling function
£ 61.99
Petromax Griddle and FirebowlThe versatile griddle for frying, cooking or lighting a fire
£ 82.99
Petromax Hanging Fire Bowl for Cooking TripodIn combination with the Petromax Cooking Tripod juicy results guaranteed
£ 124.99
Petromax Rocket StoveThe Petromax Rocket Stove rf33 effectively combines stack effect and wood boiler principles, 
£ 26.99
Petromax Transport Bag for Griddle and Fire BowlRugged bag for the transport and storage of the Petromax Grill- and Firebowl
£ 18.99
Petromax Tripod LashingLightweight Kit to help make a cooking tripod anywhere
£ 7.49
Petromax TrivetThis durable Trivet made of galvanised steel is a useful accessory for Petromax Dutch Ovens
£ 24.99
Robens Lassen Grill Trivet Combo LargeFolding stainless steel grill with pack pack.
£ 17.99
Robens Lassen Grill Trivet Combo SmallFolding stainless steel grill with pack pack.
£ 90.00
(-15.00%) £ 76.50
Solo Stove Ultra-portable solo backpacking stove
£ 127.50
(-15.00%) £ 108.38
Solo Stove & 900 Pot ComboCombo kit of the Solo Stove and 900 Pot.
£ 360.00
(-15.00%) £ 306.00
Solo Stove BonfireThe Solo Stove Bonfire, the worlds most unique fire pit, pushes the limits of both combustion airflow efficiency and minimalist outdoor design.
£ 395.00
(-10.00%) £ 355.50
Solo Stove Bonfire Kit with StandThe Solo Stove Bonfire, the worlds most unique fire pit, pushes the limits of both combustion airflow efficiency and minimalist outdoor design.
£ 145.00
(-15.00%) £ 123.25
Solo Stove CampfireCooking for the group? No problem! Campfire is the big daddy of the family
£ 197.00
(-15.00%) £ 167.45
Solo Stove Campfire & 2 Pot Set ComboCombo set of the Solo Stove Campfire and 2 Pot Set
£ 115.00
(-15.00%) £ 97.75
Solo Stove TitanNot sure which one to get? Start with the happy medium - Solo Stove Titan
£ 165.50
(-15.00%) £ 140.68
Solo Stove Titan & 1800 Pot ComboTitan Solo Stove and 1800 pot combo.

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