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Backpacks & Bags

£ 185.00
(-15.00%) £ 157.25
Ortlieb AtrackThe first waterproof backpack that opens like a travel bag offers a new level of convenience for your outdoor adventures and short trips!  .
£ 19.50
(-15.00%) £ 16.58
Ortlieb Attachment Kit for GearIf you spend a lot of time outdoors with large-gear items you’ll appreciate the Gear Attachment Kit. 
£ 15.00
(-15.00%) £ 12.75
Ortlieb Attachment Kit for HelmetsWhen you take a helmet along for your outdoor activities, you may often wonder what you’re going to do with it when you’re not wearing it. 
£ 175.00
(-15.00%) £ 148.75
Ortlieb Big ZipActive explorers require heavy duty equipment that can easily handle intensive and continuous use. .
£ 145.00
(-15.00%) £ 123.25
Ortlieb Duffle PD620 TIZIPThe Duffle is for adventurers searching the extreme and expecting excellent performance
£ 280.00
(-15.00%) £ 238.00
Ortlieb Duffle RG 60LWheeled Travel Bag with telescopic handle and Tizip.
£ 300.00
(-15.00%) £ 255.00
Ortlieb Duffle RG 85LWheeled Travel Bag with telescopic handle and Tizip.
£ 300.00
(-15.00%) £ 255.00
Ortlieb Duffle RSThe Duffle RS is made to withstand the rigours of the most adventurous of expeditions while at the same time offering a high degree of travel comfort. .
£ 125.00
(-15.00%) £ 106.25
Ortlieb Gear PackDo you participate in a range of activities ? Then you’ll need equipment that is just as versatile as you are!
£ 87.00
(-15.00%) £ 73.95
Ortlieb Light-Pack TwoWeighing only 330 grams and exuding functionality, the ORTLIEB Light-Pack Two is a masterful work of minimalism. 
£ 120.00
(-15.00%) £ 102.00
Ortlieb Packman Pro 2A real favourite for weekend explorations. Whether you are hiking or biking, the robust daypack Packman Pro Two is your best choice.
£ 70.00
(-15.00%) £ 59.50
Ortlieb Rack-PackThe Ortlieb Rack Pack is a travel bag that is ideal whatever the conditions, thanks to its IP4 waterproof rating and IP6 dust rating.
£ 85.00
(-15.00%) £ 72.25
Ortlieb Rack-Pack Free 31ltrThe PVC-free version of the universal travel and sports bag.
£ 115.00
(-15.00%) £ 97.75
Ortlieb Rack-Pack UrbanMinimalist weekend bag with a large mouth and a lot of stowage space supports you on all your short trips and daily adventures

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