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Helsport Ringstind Superlight 1-2
One of the lightest 1 to 2 person tents in the world. This tent is designed for those who want a lightweight tent that still provides great interior space and functional details.

Mike says...
" I have recently bought a Ringstind Superlight, having used a Ringstind Light 1 for several years. I have reduced my pack weight down by 1.2 kg, which is a lot and have gained another 200mm in the width. Unfortunately the length is shorter than the standard Ringstind series, but is fine with my height of 1.8m. I remove the pole and store this on the side of my rucksack so I can squash the tent down and place this in the top of the rucksack. I use an Exped UL dry bag to store the tent in, the reason being is that on breaking camp when the tent is wet I can remove the inner and place in the tent bag and put the outer in the dry bag, so keeping the inner as dry as possible.

In essence, it is an expensive piece of kit, but pays for itself in compactness, ease of pitching, weight, durability and construction. "


Helsport Fonnfjell 2 Man

Fonnfjell 2 is a new twist to the old tunnel tent.

Kev says...
" No prizes for guessing that the key feature of this tent is the wide door-come-porch entrance. That caught my eye as a nice feature for when I'm camping in the woods and I'm happy to say that it really works. It gives a big sheltered area for cooking, spotting widlife, or sitting round a small fire (with a favourable wind direction). The tarp poles are strong and keep the door taught, with enough height to sit underneath. The inner tent also has a nice wide door and there is room inside for two.

The biggest plus point for me has been sleeping with the tent door fully open in 'tarp-mode' all night. With only the bug mesh between you and the outside you get to appreciate the dawn from your sleeping bag, a little like hammocking but on the ground. "


Helsport Valhall

Large base camp tent for big groups, sleeps 8 adults, spacious vestibule for table and chairs, 6 entry points 2 with Mosquito mesh, attachment for 2 inner tents and compatible with Helsport Lavvu stove.

Mike says...
" I have had the Valhall for 6 months and am really impressed with it. The height inside is over 2 meter’s, so you can access the whole tent. With a group of friends winter camping, the stove blasting out heat and the banter flowing, it makes a great shelter. See the you tube video on the Valhall. "


DD Superlight Hammock - Olive
The New DD SuperLight Hammock: weighing just 270g (inc all suspension, bag etc.) with an incredibly small pack size of just 14cm x 9cm x 7cm - this Hammock can literally be taken everywhere!

Mike says...
" A really lightweight no nonsense hammock to be used as a stand alone item or partnered with the DD Superlight Tarp. If I am woodland camping in winter I tend to use a tent, but take the hammock along and use it as a comfy chair or gear loft. "


Hennessy Hammock Expedition Classic
This is our most popular model with all our patented features including mesh pocket on ridgeline and webbing straps to protect the bark of trees.

Mike says...
" Great to see these brilliant hammocks back in store. Just worked out that I have possibly spent 365 nights in my one over the ten years I have had it. Apart from a few bits of repair it is still my favoured hammock. I find it works better with a different tarp though, so currently I have it rigged with the Hennessey Hex Fly and the signs are really good. "


DD Hammocks Complete Whoopie Suspension System
If you ever wanted a simple way to adjust the height of your hammock while suspended, this is for you. Our Complete Whoopie Suspension System makes a quick and easy job of setting up any DD hammock.

Mike says...
I use a Hennessy Hammock which I have customised and swapped out their bulkier suspension system and replaced it with this DD version. Firstly, I hover around 15 stone ( pure muscle obviously ) in weight so when you first put your trust in 3mm Dyneema cord to carry you it’s a bit daunting. However, it was one of those moments you find yourself saying " Why didn’t I do this ages ago ". The whoopie sling system fits perfect for hammock camping especially when you can adjust your height or re-position the hammock under the tarp. The tree huggers work well also and I normally use a toggle system with a Marlin Spike Hitch to shorten them.

Nice lightweight suspension system that does the job well. "


DD Hammocks Underblanket
Suitable for use in temperatures down to -5C, the DD Underblanket prevents heat loss from beneath you. Hang it under your hammock, and feel the warmth generated in minutes for a cosy night's sleep.

Mike says...
For years I had fought with an inflatable mat either inside, or in the bottom compartment, of a hammock. Then I tried various heat pads and they were worse. The only way forward is an underblanket if you are serious about hammocking. The DD Underblanket, although a little bulky, is set at a good price and after the usual adjustments that I do to all my gear it gives me a warm nights sleep.

The underblanket system is a revelation as you don’t compress the insulation while in your hammock and a long as you cinch the shock cord around the circumference and adjust it so you have a hand thick void between the bottom of your hammock and the top of the underblanket you will be toasty.

Where was this 20 years ago. "


Thermarest Down Snuggler

New for 2018: Our down underquilt makes hammocking even cozier. It's built with reliable Nikwax Hydrophobic Down to let you slack off regardless of the conditions outside.

Mike says….

" As much as i liked the DD Underblanket i needed to reduce my pack weight. So i got wind from Thermarest of the new Down Snuggler. I am really pleased with it ( apart from the colour ) and is easy to attach and adjust which was a real bonus. Being down it takes a little while to loft so a good shake now and then sorts this out. The Down Snuggler is great for three season use and the feedback i gave them was positive but suggested a four season version would be a real bonus. Let’s see what happens."


Sea to Summit Gear Sling

A simple design to keep your backpack off the ground, and essential items within arm’s reach. By essential, we mean a good book and a beer.

Mike says….


" The Gear Sling is a must while hammock camping for stowing all my gear off the ground especially when the wind is driving the rain. Another advantage is keeping food bags and sweat soaked rucksacks away from rodents. I really like the adjustability of the Gear Sling which sits under my hammock for easy access while i am lying or sitting in my hammock."

Helsport Varanger Lavvu

Varanger was crowned test winner in an extensive lavvu comparison by Norwegian outdoor magazine villmarksliv, varanger is our new fully loaded model.

Mike says...
" I have spent many nights in Helsport Varanger Lavvu's and have come to really love them as a main base camp tent. First of all they pack down small - I normally use the 12-14 which packs down to around a 35 litre rucksack size, but gives me tonnes of room to set my stall out with cot beds, stoves, folding chair, kitchen area, wood store etc. Since 2010, the Varanger series has had a porch added (camp series), which gives that added room to store boots etc, and protect from rain coming into the main tent area. One of the main advantages is that when the trip is over the tent is really easy to dry.

It is worth adding in some heavy weight steel pegs, especially for the guy points which should be fixed at all times just in case a storm rolls in. The 12-14 Varanger I have is eight years old, has had around 500 days out in this time, and is still waterproof. As usual, great kit from Helsport. "


Helsport Pasvik Lavvu

Pasvik is suitable for those who want to go longer distances with as low weight in the backpack as possible, but also want the comfort and features of a lavvu.

Mike says...
" A good no nonsense entry level Lavvu for fixed camps and is wood burning stove compatible. A good price point to. "


Tentipi Safir

For extreme expeditions, challenging trekking, or a multitude of different outdoor activities. Safir is perhaps the world’s most versatile tent for people who need maximum performance and flexibility.

Mike says...
" Chuffed to see Tentipi back instore. The Safir is the Rolls Royce of the range - with loads of great features, easy to pitch and is really well made. I have had a Tentipi for years and it has done hundreds of days out in its life and is still going strong. "


Multimat Tent Underlay
A must for any camping trip, offering protection and insulation from the ground. This XL width option, offers maximum coverage, yet is lightweight and can be folded for easy storage. Suitable for family camping, but also tried and tested in extreme, Arctic conditions.

Mike says...
" I bought a roll of underlay so I could make some internal footprints for the inners of my tents. After doing this I have found it has many uses, such as kneeling and sitting pads, to protecting gear in my vehicle while in transit and loads of other uses. It is one of those pieces of kit that is cheap, but gives you back so much. Ideal for using in a large or small tent, I use a small piece to place under my inflatable mat to prevent anything trying to puncture it, works really well. "


MSR Groundhog Stake Kit
One of the most popular stakes ever, the Groundhog™ stake's Y-beam design penetrates and holds in a wide range of soil conditions.

Mike says...
" All other pegs are inferior, the Groundhog Stakes are truly brilliant. Have loads, need more. "


MSR Blizzard Tent Stakes
A time-tested MSR® design, the Blizzard Tent Stake has a broad surface, extra length and concave shape that delivers added purchase in sand and consolidated snow.

Mike says...
" Well constructed tent peg designed for snow pitching. Sometimes I use these on the horizontal where the type of snow permits, a must for Scottish winter camping. "


MSR Camring Cord Tensioners

Designed to make camp life easier and available in two sizes, CamRing™Cord Tensioners have a ring design that securely tensions your cord yet adjusts easily, eliminating the hassle of tying and retying knots in cold or wet weather.

Mike says….

" The MSR small Camrings are brilliant for adjusting the tension of a tarp especially in winter. Really easy to re-fit tent guys and bombproof if you accidentally stand on one. Used them for a long time, just slipped the net to go on the recommended section."

DD Superlight Tarp - Olive
The DD SuperLight Tarp has 19 attachment points like our other tarps, which allows it to be set-up in hundreds of different ways!

Mike says...
" Cracking lightweight tarp to be used as a stand alone item, with a tent to extend the porch area or for an admin area, or used with the DD Superlight Hammock. I have added some 2mm Beal cord to the corners, mid-section and the centre tabs to turn this into a versatile shelter. "


Tatonka Tarp TC
Tatonka manufacture four different tarps 1,2,3 and 4. Differing in sizes and material from 4.25mx4.5m to 4mx3m. and made from either polyester or a technical cotton.

Mike says...
" A tarp is the most versatile piece of equipment you can carry, and when practiced can be erected in any environment from mountain to forest. I use the Tarp 4 polyester, with a cord system which allows enough room for separating the area underneath into an admin, kitchen and sleeping zones. I use the tarp all year round in many configurations and with a hammock also. "


DD Hammocks Magic Carpet
Unexpected showers and wet ground need never be a setback with this handy accessory! If you're looking for a pocket-sized picnic blanket, a ground sheet for camping or at a festival, some dry cover for your gear, or a small overhead shelter - the DD Magic Carpet will do it all.

Mike says...
" The Magic Carpet is so multi functional. I use it for a groundsheet, shower sheet, sitting pad and a blast panel on the end of my tarp when hammocking. It’s just great. "


Nikwax Tent & Gear Solarproof Spray 500ml
Synthetic fabrics used for tents and rucksacks are coated with a water repellent treatment. Exposure to ultraviolet (UV) light both destroys the water repellency and leads to a reduction in fabric tear strength, significantly shortening the lifespan of equipment.

Mike says...
" A real must to keep tent and rucksack fabric in good condition and keep that water repellency intact. I do all my tents and rucksacks twice a year, I reckon I double the life of the fabric. "



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