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Helsport Lavvu Stove
The Lavvu wood burning stove is constructed of heavy duty stainless steel and is designed for the Helsport Lavvu series and the Valhall. It is also compatible with other brands such as TentTipi.

Mike says...
" If you want to winter camp a heat source is really great for keeping you warm, drying out kit and cooking on. The Helsport Lavvu Stove hits the mark. The stove when packed with kindling and with a good source of dry hardwood makes those cold winter days and nights a joy to be out camping. In recent months I throw on Peat just before bedtime and shut the stove down, this keeps the tent warm overnight. In the morning, I just re kindle the stove and you are away again. The stove is also great for boiling water and cooking stews etc on. The new model is constructed of stainless steel and you get enough stove pipe to fit the largest Lavvu in the Helsport range, along with a cowl extender to protect the tent parts. The stove also fits in the Helsport Valhall. Toasty warm camping through the winter months, well worth it. "


Tentipi Eldfell Stove

With its ingenious design, its efficient heat transmission, low weight and easy handling, Eldfell is the natural heart of the Nordic tipi and a faithful friend in cold and damp conditions.

Mike says...
" Always a big fan of keeping warm in the winter, this stove does the job. Initially I found putting the stove up a little fiddly but after 3 or 4 goes i'm up to speed and itís no longer a problem. Really well made as you would expect from Tentipi and bangs out exceptional heat to keep everything warm and dry.

The only issue is the heat output of the stove relative to the size of tent you are using. I would only use this stove on the size 7 Tentipi models or larger and with the Helsport 8-10 or larger.  "



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