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Savotta Kahakka 15L Green

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A seriously sensible, utterly functional and rugged all-around combat/daypack, made to meet the diverse carrying needs of the regular soldier. 
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  1. A seriously sensible, utterly functional and rugged all-around combat/daypack, made to meet the diverse carrying needs of the regular soldier. Total capacity with side pouches filled ca. 20 litres, with many external attachment points for additional gear.

    ”Kahakka” is Finnish for a "small battle” or "skirmish”, quite suitable for what is literally a small combat pack. The "special thing” about the Kahakkas is that these really aren’t special at all. These are serious packs for the 99% of users who need a straightforward all-around combat/daypack with enough scalability and versatility for various jobs and changing situations.

    The Kahakka packs are made for the realities of military use. We have over half a century of experience of making gear for the Finnish Defence Forces, who prefer their gear to endure up to and beyond a decade of vigorous use. The Kahakkas are rugged indeed, but we have not sacrificed functionality, nor dumbed down the design, for the sake of durability. What we have here is a peculiar mix of functionality, comfort and traditional Savotta ruggedness.

    The Kahakka 15L has a total capacity, side pouches included, of ca. 20 litres plus numerous attachment options for extra gear on the outside. The Kahakka 15L is a very compact pack, with enough capacity for essential personal and mission/task related equipment, including rainwear etc.


    First of all we are not the experts on what you need, you are. The big difference between these two is of course the size, the 25L being considerably bigger than the 15L and also having a belt and additional boxy pouch on top of the lid.

    If you commonly need to carry bulky winter clothing on top of your other essential gear, as we do here in Finland: get the 25L. If you want a streamlined, compact pack and don’t need that extra 10 litres of space: get the 15L. Either way both packs offer many options to add extra gear to the outside, and good compression straps to tighten down the pack when half full.
  2. The main compartments fold top is quick and easy to open and close using two SR buckles. Fast like a zipper, but super reliable in extended use in mud, sand and snow. Inside is a hydration bladder / radio compartment, with two tie-down loops and a hydration bladder attachment webbing tab on the top. Each side of the pack has one antenna/cable/tube port.

    The pleated, expandable side pouches allow quick access to equipment such as water bottles, E-tools, bolt cutters etc. Each pouch has a capacity of ca. 2,5 litres, filled so that the top side compression strap tightens the pouch shut.

    When empty the pouches lay neat and flat. Vertical webbing loops keep the side compression straps neatly in place. The pouches have water drainage holes on the bottom.

    Two side compression straps with steel G-hooks on either side of the pack offer both compression and a means of quickly strapping gear to the outside of the pack. The G-hooks are also a means for adding extra pouches/bags to the back of the pack.

    The Kahakka 15L has one external zippered pouch, a flat one on the front of the pack with a webbing loop with D-ring inside, good for small trinkets and valuables. The zipper has two pullers with generous cord loops to silence them and make the zipper easier to use with thick gloves on.

    PALS webbing on the front and bottom allows attachment of extra gear using elastic cord or packing straps. Webbing loops above the side pouches can be used to secure gear with cord, carabiners or packing straps.

    The back is padded and supported with a thick and stiff closed cell foam pad, placed in an open topped compartment on the outside of the pack. The pad can quickly be removed and reinserted, you can use it as a sitting/kneeling pad or use the compartment to carry other equipment, a tarp or poncho for example.

    The padded, contoured shoulder straps attach to steel D-rings. The D-rings allow the shoulder straps to turn and conform to various body shapes. The shoulder straps can be removed and replaced if needed. The sternum strap is removable and can be moved up and down the shoulder straps as desired.

    The main body of the pack is made from 1000D Cordura for high abrasion resistance, with details such as the back pad compartment and fold top sides being made from lighter and less coarse 500D. The zippers are covered and have two pullers, so you always have a backup in case one puller fails.

    The shoulder straps are easily replaceable if damaged, the bottom straps can be replaced with any length of 25 mm webbing if needed.

    All plastic buckles can be removed and replaced without sewing. The side compression straps use steel G-hooks, which will not fail and offer the option to quickly hook on extra gear to the back of the pack.
  3. Weight: 1,00 kg
    Dimensions: 25 x 42,5 x 15 cm (W x H x D)

    Colour: Green
  4. Main fabric: 1000D and 500D Cordura (100% polyamide)
    Webbing: 100% polyesterBuckles: steel and acetal

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