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Renaissance Metal De-corroder 100ml

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Renaissance Metal De-corroder 100ml

Renaissance Metal De-Corroder consists of an amine complex of hydro-oxycarboxilic acid in an aqueous solution.


Metal De-Corroder is a safe, non-toxic system for rust removal with full control. It is designed to clean iron, bronze, copper and copper alloys, brass, steel, zinc and galvanized metals. Treatment selectively ruptures the bond between base metal and corrosion layer, reducing rust to a sludge which is easily wiped or brushed away. Simply rinse with clean water to stop the process.  Bi-metallic electrolytic effects between dissimilar metals are insignificant in treatment periods of up to 48 hours.


Gloves, masks or protective clothing are not required. However, normal ventilation and common-sense hygiene procedures should be observed.