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Petromax Care & Seasoning Conditioner

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Petromax Care & Seasoning Conditioner
The Petromax Care and Seasoning Conditioner made of natural ingredientsprotects the pre-treated surface (seasoned finish) of Petromax DutchOvens and any other cast iron cookware. It suits ideally for theseasoning of non pre-treated Dutch oven's surfaces.

Unlike standard cooking oil, the conditioner, thanks to a refined blendof different natural oils, does not become rancid. So it is ideally forlong-lasting storage purposes.

The food safe conditioner is most effective when it is applied afterevery cooking procedure. It will maintain the pre-seasoned surface ofyour Petromax Dutch Oven. The conditioner also protects from rust.

The regular use of the food safe care conditioner will create over timea high-quality patina. This patina will not only improve the quality ofyour Dutch oven but will also optimise its cooking features.

Volume: 250 ml