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Lansky Fine Diamond Hone

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The fine 600 grit diamond hone is perfect for touching up and polishing an already sharpened edge. 
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  1. Designed for use with the Lansky® Controlled Angle Sharpening Systems. Diamond Coatings are designed to work best on modern, wear resistant tool steels. The fine 600 grit diamond hone is perfect for touching up and polishing an already sharpen edge. 

    *This product is included in all Diamond Controlled Angle Sharpening Systems

  2. CoarsFine Grit (600) Diamond Sharpening Surface (Uninterrupted Diamond Coating)e Grit (120) Diamond Surface (Uninterrupted Diamond Coating)
    Brass threaded insert for Stainless Steel Thumb Screw
    Ergonomic Plastic Housing
  3. Instructions
    Step 1 - This product is used just the same as all the controlled angle hones first starting by inserting the guide rod, insuring it's in line with the sharpening surface.
    Step 2 - You'll want to be certain to match the angle with the existing angle of your knife edge. Once found, sharpen away!  You may want to use a more coarse grit before to establish the bevel angle; perhaps following up afterwards with more fine hone, such as a ceramic. 

    Be Smart, Be Safe and Stay... An Edge Above the Rest®

    CAUTION: Knife sharpening is an inherently dangerous activity. Used properly this sharpener cannot hurt you but a carelessly handled blade or pointed object can.


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