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Lansky Eraser Block

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Lansky Eraser Block

  1. EraserBlock® is a pliable, mildly abrasive eraser created specifically to clean metal particles which accumulate on  ceramic sharpening stones during the sharpening process. Convenient and easy to use the EraserBlock®, used periodically, quickly removes metal deposits and restores the maximum sharpening ability of ceramic stone. 

    EraserBlock® also works on many stubborn stains on porcelain, brass, steel knife blades, etc. For super tough spots or to reduce abrasion, wet the Eraser-Block with water. Rinse with water to clean.


  2. - Erases metal particles
    - Removes and restores ceramic stones
  3. Dimensions: 80 x 25 x 15 mm

    CAUTION: On highly polished or reflective surfaces, EraserBlock® may cause dulling and leave a brushed satin appearance.