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Holdon® Midi Black Pack of 4

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Holdon® Midi Black Pack of 4
  • Holdon® Midi Black Pack of 4
  • Holdon® Midi Black Pack of 4
  • Holdon® Midi Black Pack of 4
Simple and easy to fit, these hard wearing, reusable eyelet clips instantly create a strong securing point, or eyelet, on any type of tarpaulin, canvas and synthetic sheet material, wherever you want, in seconds – no tools required, no damage to the material.

- Simple, fast and effective,
- The heavier the load the tighter the grip,
- Can be used over and over again,
- Can easily be repositioned in seconds,
- Grips any hemmed, or non-hemmed, fabric up to 5mm thick firmly and instantly,
- Quick release mechanism.

Length: 70mm
Width: 40mm
Height: 18.5mm
Tested to support over *100kg
Holdon® in white contains UV stabilizers, black Holdon® protected by pigment additive causing UV blocking.
Temperature range:-30°C to 100°C melting temperature at 220°C
Median loading capacity*:100 kilograms
Max. fabric thickness:6 mm

Material specification: Produced in Sweden from glass fibre reinforced nylon 6. 

*Median loading - explanation
Median loading capacity is determined by a series of separate static loadings applied to a single Holdon® installed on a 680/700 gms/ vinyl fabric (without hem). The median loading capacity represents the approximate safe working load that can be applied to the Holdon®, and in general terms determines the safe load bearing capacity of the bridge within the sleeve component. IMPORTANT – the median loading capacity does not represent the efficiency, or holding/gripping power, or efficiency of the Holdon® - those elements of performance are determined by both the correct application of the Holdon® and by the physical characteristics of the fabric/substrate onto which the Holdon® is being applied.