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Firepot Chilli NON Carne With Rice

Healthy soya slow-cooked with smoky chillies and kidney beans. Served with long grain rice. 
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  1. Chilli con Carne is that classic one-pot dish, which is why we wanted to create Chilli non Carne, so that vegetarians could get the same warming flavours on a cold night in the mountains. We use healthy soya flavoured with paprika, cumin and sweet tomatoes to create that much-loved chilli taste. We then add the crunch of red pepper, nutty red kidney beans and a subtle spice hit from ancho and chipotle to finish our South American classic. A vegan version that tastes as good as the real thing.

  2. - Filling, nutritious and packed with carbohydrate and protein
    - Waterproof pouch

    Ingredients: TVP mince (soya beans, caramel), tomatoes, rice, onion, red kidney beans, red pepper, garlic, fresh chillies, tomato puree, rapeseed oil, ancho chillies, mushroom stock (mushroom concentrate, yeast extract, sugar, cornflour), red wine vinegar, salt, cumin seeds, cumin powder, chipotle chillies, paprika, bay leaves, cinnamon, chilli powder, citric acid

    Allergens: Soya beans

                                                     Per 100g  Regular (135g)
    Energy (kcal)                               359               485
    Fat                                               2.5g              3.4g
      of which saturates                     0.3g              0.4g
    Carbohydrate                              67.3g            90.8g
      of which sugars                         6.0g              8.1g
    Fibre                                            7.9g             10.7g
    Protein                                        16.8g            22.7g
    Salt                                              0.7g              0.9g

    Weight: 135g (regular) 
    Calories: 485kcal (regular) 
    Water usage: 400ml (regular) 

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