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DD Hammocks Frontline Hammock MC

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DD Hammocks Frontline Hammock MC
  • DD Hammocks Frontline Hammock MC
  • DD Hammocks Frontline Hammock MC
  • DD Hammocks Frontline Hammock MC
Our popular DD Frontline Hammock - now in stealth mode! A versatile andtough double-layered design, it has a breathable base and its mosquitonet built in - meaning that it excels in various climates.

Year-round comfort.

With the webbing pre-fitted and spreader poles/elastic included toraise the net, the Frontline's ease of setup makes it a a greatall-round system suitable for users with any level of hammock campingexperience. Pair it with a DD Underblanket to camp in comfort duringthe colder months, or take it on a tropical expedition - its nettingand breathable material make it an ideal jungle hammock.

Sleep 100% bug-free with the Frontline's insect net zipped up, orsimply unzip both sides and roll up to secure out of the way.Alternatively, suspend the hammock with the net on the bottom to loungeout in the sun!

 - Breathable, zip-closed double-layered design with velcro tabclosure – lie between the layers to cocoon
   yourself, or insert a partially-inflated thermarest orcamping mat between the layers in cooler weather
 - Ultra-fine mesh mosquito net built in: zips closed and protectsagainst all insects (even
   the Scottish midge!)
 - 2 x foldable lightweight spreader poles and 2 x 2m lengths ofelastic, to suspend the net
 - 2 x double-sided zippers for easy open and close
 - 2 x internal hanging loops for torches, glasses.
 - 4 internal pockets to store small valuables
 - 4 tabs on each corner of the base - to peg out, to suspendequipment from or to fit a DD Underblanket
 - Pre-fitted with 10m strong suspension webbing (5m each end)
 - Stuff sack

Size: 2.7m x 1.4m (comfortable for people up to 6ft 5in and 125kg)
Colour: Multicam
Weight: 860g (hammock only)
Includes: Frontline Hammock, Webbing (10m), 2 x 2m of elastic cord, 2 xlightweight poles, stuff sack

DD Multicam: If you're looking for natural, seamless camouflage thenlook no further! Research, meticulous design and testing spanning over2 years has allowed us to bring you our own Multicam (MC) pattern –available across a limited (but growing) product selection. The patternis designed to blend in with woodlands, mountain environments and more.