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DD Hammocks Daisy Chain Tree Straps

D D Hammocks
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*Back in Stock with an updated design* - Strength and versatility meet with the DD Daisy Chain Tree Straps:
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  1. *Back in Stock with an updated design* - Strength and versatility meet with the DD Daisy Chain Tree Straps:

    The DD Daisy Chain Tree Straps are designed to give you even more options when suspending your hammock; A strong, broad sling measuring 3m in length, with multiple loops from which your hammock can be suspended.

    We know that trees come in all shapes, sizes, and spacings, so we are offering the DD Daisy Chain Tree Straps in order to make sure wherever you go, you will always have the right tool for the job, and find your perfect hang.

    Multiple Options for your Hammock Set-up

    The 3m long strap has a single loop on either end, with 14 on the other - designed so you can feed the whole Daisy Chain through the single loop once wrapped round a tree in a "choke" style. This gives you 14 loops on the free end to clip your hammock to, to match the space required for a comfortable hang.

    These loops are highly reinforced & suited for weight bearing, and ideal for when you need extra length on your set-up, and negating the need for the two ends to match (though if space is really tight, you can wrap it multiple times and connect the 2 end loops together!)The DD Daisy Chain - Tree Straps present even more possibilities for setting up your hammock with no knots whatsoever, whilst remaining lightweight and small in pack size.

    When used as part of a system involving Whoopie Slings and Karabiners, this aids in helping water-runoff when compared to standard webbing - acting as a drip stop in poor weather.

  2. - A total of 15 heavily reinforced attachment loops - 1 on one end, with 14 clip loops on the other

    - Fully knotless system when used in conjunction with Karabiners and Whoopie Slings. Simple to adjust, and more waterproof than standard webbing!

    No need to match both ends of the Daisy Chain Tree Straps together - your karabiner can be clipped into just one of the loops on the free end when fed through the end loop.
  3. Size: 3m x 2.5cm
    Colour: Black
    Weight: 250g (pair)
    Includes: DD Daisy Chain Tree Huggers
    Weight Limit: 125kg


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