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Bushmen HIDEOUT Thermo Olive

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Bushmen HIDEOUT Thermo / Olive is a multifunction bivvy bag that protects you against cold, wet, and insects.  It is also a rain poncho, a hammock sock and a tarp.
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  1. Bushmen HIDEOUT Thermo / Olive is a multifunction bivvy bag that protects you against cold, wet, and insects.  It is also a rain poncho, a hammock sock and a tarp.

    The HIDEOUT features a zip-in hood which then gives an overall length of 2.6m, which is 2.3m of Tarp + 0.3m of Hood.  This is a suitable length for even tall peole, who will then have enough space in the leg area to use this as a dry compartment for items that need kept dry, such as boots.  There are also 2 internal pockets with waterproof zippers for other items such as a phone, headlamp, or maps. etc..

    When zipped closed, the bivouac tarp takes on the well-known, characteristic mummy shape.  The internal heat-reflecting layer help-s maximize thermal comfort.  The THERMO layer also reflects UV rays at 98%, which qualifies it at the highest UPF50+ level.

    The hood has a built-in mosquito net which will protect you from mosquitoes, ticks, and other insects. With an upper width of 90cm even a broad-shouldered person can get a comfortable sleep.  Where a sleeping bag usually ends there is a width oif 55cm then it gradually narrows towards the feet to a width of 45cm.

    This shape and the expanders included in the set allow you to also use HIDEOUT as a cover for a hammock (sometimes called hammock sock).  Such a cover will protect you from wind and rain when you are in a hammock.

    A unique feature of HIDEOUT is the possibility of connecting it with another identical bivouac and creating a 2-person bivvy. Great for shared heating, which can be crucial in extreme conditions.

    HIDEOUT is a sensational rain poncho with unique features.  In addition to the mosquito net protecting the head, it has sides closed with waterproof zippers.  This construction protects against heavy rain, snow, and wind better than traditional ponchos fastened with snaps or Velcro.  It features double-sided zippers that let you increase or decrease the breathability of the poncho at any time.

    The flaps of the raincoat are extended compared to other models and reach below the knees.  This length protects your trousers from getting wet when walking and sitting.  The chest has a pocket with a waterproof zipper and a flap with a dedicated place for patches.

    Expanders are important in this configuration too.  You can gird yourself so that the whole poncho fits better (like a raincoat) and at the same time does not hinder movement.

    Manufacturers Safety Note:Before using outdoor Refer to the user manual here!

    Safety of use and adjustment when HIDEOUT is used as a tarp, under blanket or poncho is secured by flexible expanders. They are designed to take over any stresses arising during use. In the situation that the stresses or forces acting on the HIDEOUT are too big than the expanding capacity of the expanders, the flexible expander cord will slip out of the end hook. This is the warning and the intended protection against damage. In this way, the plastic hooks at the ends of the expanders act as fuses.

    Inserting the end of the expander back into the hook is very easy lift the flap on the top side of the hook, insert the end of the expander into the gap between the flap and the main part of the hook, and close the flap. Do not allow the end of the expander to slip out of the hook this means that the forces and stresses acting on the HIDEOUT are too big and may cause damage not covered by the warranty.

    Despite the fact that the outer material is waterproof and vapor permeable, intensive use of HIDEOUT can lead to moisture from the inside. It can come from both condensed water vapor (dew point) and after prolonged contact of the material with water.  These are natural phenomena.

    REMEMBER! Fabric is not flame or spark resistant Keep it away from sparks and fire!

    Repair patch

    Each HIDEOUT comes with a repair patch in case something breaks.Just clean and dry the damaged area.Gently remove the adhesive surface protection and apply the patch.Press down and wait 20 minutes ready.

  2. - Can be used as a Bivvy/sleeping Bag, Rain Poncho
    - Set Contains:Tarp Hood, 2 x Expanders and a Repair Patch
    - Built-in Mosquito Net
    - Waterproof zippers
    - Thermal Insulation layer

  3. WEIGHT 600g
    SIZE: Bivvy Bag 260 x 90 / 45 cm
    Poncho 115 cm (+Hood 140 cm)
    PACK SIZE: 25 x 22 x 11 cm


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