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Blis-sox - Anti Blister Socks

The Blis-Sox are a clever way to prevent heel blisters.  They feature a gel heel pad inside a close fitting sock, which reduces friction and looks after your skin. 
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  1. You wear the Blis Sox either over or under your regular socks, and the heel pad absorbs impact and sheer forces around you heel and achilles tendon.  The pad is impregnated with Vitamin E and F Forte, as well as Shea and Aloe Vera to both sooth and keep your skin healthy. These socks are great to wear all day when out walking or running, or they can be kept in your pack or first aid kit, ready to put on if a hotspot develops.

  2. - The new gel lined Blis-Sox have been designed to prevent and protect heel blisters and help reduce impact and sheer forces around the heel of your foot to give you great comfort and protection when you are walking
    - Wear them under your regualr socks to prevent and protect blisters. 
    - Good for around 30 washes

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