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Helsport Svalbard X- Trem Sleeping Bag

The role of the Svalbard in Helsportís range is essential and very simple: it is our warmest down-filled sleeping bag.
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  1. The role of the Svalbard in Helsportís range is essential and very simple: it is our warmest down-filled sleeping bag. We combined our experience in designing equipment for the most extreme environments on earth, all we learned from the fit and fill technology from our Rago range, and took it to the next level. Only the hybrid Spitsbergen is warmer and gives more protection in extreme cold. 

    The pattern and specifications for the Svalbard allow full loft from the premium 90/10 800 FP goose down, maximising warmth and reducing the chance of cold spots forming at pressure points. We calculated the thickness of loft we would need and carefully adjusted the fill, patterns and baffle shape so that the bag actually lofts gently inwards to rest comfortably against you, giving a luxurious nightís sleep.

    The lining fabric is the same premium-quality 30D Pertex taffeta used in our Rago series and the shell is a light but durable Pertex mini-ripstop, treated inside with an additional 1000mm water-resistant breathable coating. Both of the fabrics have C6 WR treatment.

  2. To give additional warmth around the head and shoulders, we reshaped and enlarged the internal collar and the hood, adding extra down for even more loft. The baffle design around the shoulders has been adjusted to keep the down in place, where itís needed. The main zip is shortened to three-quarter length and has a large down-filled baffle to increase warmth.

    One area in sleeping bag design that deserves special attention is around the feet. Itís only too easy to push against the end of the tent, compressing the bag and reducing warmth, as well as getting the down wet. To overcome this we have added a layer of recycled synthetic fill to the foot box to resist compression and maintain the bag shape, therefore increasing loft. Synthetic fill will also perform better if any moisture does get inside the bag.

    Because we are always thinking of our environmental footprint, we selected a recycled synthetic fill that nonetheless meets our demanding standards of thermal efficiency.
    The Svalbard looks huge on the outside and is a lot of sleeping bag. Itís size is a result of the almost 11cm of loft needed to keep you warm at -40 degrees but even so, we have achieved this level of performance in a sleeping bag that weighs less than 2kg. It is essential expedition equipment.

  3. Standard Bag
    Weight: 1.9 kg
    length/width: 185/85 cm  
    Insulation: 90/10 goose down, 800 FP 
    Packed Volume: 26 x 35 cm

  4. Fabric outer: 100% Pertex Quantum Pro 30D Nylon ripstop 
    Fabric inner: 100% Pertex Quantum 30D Nylon Taffeta


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