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Soto Thermostack Combo

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The solution for lightweight backpacking.
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The solution for lightweight backpacking. A brilliant versatile 3 in 1 cooking system.

- 350 ml/12 oz Stainless steel cup
- 400 ml/14 oz Titanium cup
- 750 ml pot
- Large size Lid
- Cozy (Insulation + carry case)
- Use as single-wall lightweight cup or lightweight double-wall cup
- Lifter for ease of heating on camping stove

Thermostack + 750 ml pot + Large-size Lid + Cozy (insulation + carry case)
Storage Size:
Diameter: 86 mm
Height: 110 mm
Total weight: 182 g

One lid for both the 350 and 400 ml (12 and 14 oz) cups:
Width: 86mm
Depth: 83mm
Height: 12 mm
Weight: 12 g
Materials: Body–Resin, O-ring–Silicon

350ml/12 oz cup:
Diameter: 84mm
Height: 98 mm
Weight: 80 g capacity / 350 ml
Material: Stainless steel

Diameter: 85mm
Height: 22 mm
Weight: 12 g
Materials: Body–Resin, O-ring–Silicon

400ml/14 oz cup:
Diameter: 85mm
Height: 94 mm
Weight: 50 g capacity / 400 ml
Material: Titanium

Width: 88mm
Depth: 22mm
Height: 22 m
Weight: 13 g
Materials: Aluminum, Stainless steel

Weight: 40 g

Use the 400 ml cup to boil water. Set the Helix Coffee Maker (available as an additional item) in the 350 ml cup. Use the Lifter, pour hot water from the 400 ml cup into the Helix Coffee Maker. Make your own double-wall Thermostack by combining the 350 ml and 400 ml cups.

Customer reviews
Shopping Satisfaction
Took a little while to understand the process of using these items, the main 750ml pot should be used for cooking. With the other two used as serving containers or as one container & thermal barrier from the inner one cooling down to fast. Very nice quality & I brought two full kits.
Patrick Lyons aka GunZenBomZ.
Shopping Satisfaction
Takes a little understanding what you can do with this kit. However you use the main 750ml pot to boil & cook. With the other two being used for separate drinks or a single user one inside another keeping the main container from getting cold. So thereby offering insulated food container.
Patrick Lyons.

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