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Helsport Varanger Lavvu Bundle Offer

Save up to £240 on the Tamarack Varanger Bundle Offer
Bundle :
£ 960.00


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  1. The Varanger is a solid lavvu, suitable for summer - as well as wintertime. Test winner and one of our most popular lavvus for many years. The Varanger was crowned test winner in an extensive lavvu comparison by Norwegian outdoor magazine villmarksliv.

    Tamarack Bundle Offer
     * Save £180 when buying a full set of 4-6 Varanger Outer, Inner Tent and Ground Sheet
     * Save £230 when buying a full set of 8-10 Varanger Outer, Inner Tent and Ground Sheet
     * Save £260 when buying a full set of 12-14 Varanger Outer, Inner Tent and Ground Sheet


    Outer Tent - The outer tent is made of a specially developed fire retardant Helsport rainguard® which is ideal for use in the Lavvu. The opening has protected double zippers and fire retardant mosquito mesh. Two Helsport AirflowII® ventilation ducts combined with an internally adjustable top opening help to ensure sufficient airflow inside, reducing condensation and improving air quality. The aluminium centre pole is light and makes for easy set up and the many guy line points increase stability during high winds.

    Inner Tent - The inner tent is made of a Polymide WR ( water repellant ) fabric that is also fire retardant . The inner clips into the base of the top hat and at the base of the tent just above the snow valance. There is mosquito netting at the door, the airflow inlets and at the base of the top hat.

    Ground Sheet - The ground sheet is made of a Polymide SI fabric that is also fire retardant. The fabric has an hydrostatic head of 5000mm, ensuring little or no moisture gets into the tent. The groundsheet clips into the outer just above the snow valance and has a Velcro system to remove part of the groundsheet when using the Helsport Lavvu Stove.

  2.  - Compatible with Helsport Lavvu Stove
     - The opening has protected double zippers
     - Two Helsport AirflowII® ventilation ducts 
     - Adjustable top opening to ensure sufficient airflow inside
     - Drying rack is included.
     - Guy lines can be quickly looped up and stowed in the elastic webbing in a simple and easy way
     - Aluminium Centre Pole
  3. Specifications 4-6
    Persons: 4-6
    Area: 12.5m2  
    Weight outer tent: 4.1kg  
    Weight inner tent: 2.3kg 
    Weight groundsheet: 1.3kg 
    Peg weight: 0.9kg 
    Pole weight : 1.0kg 
    Total weight (+-10%):  9.6kg 
    Packed Size 20 x 60 cm

    Dimensions 4-6

    Specifications 8-10
    Persons: 8-10
    Area: 17.0m2  
    Weight outer tent: 4.8kg  
    Weight inner tent: 2.8kg 
    Weight groundsheet: 1.5kg 
    Peg weight: 0.9kg 
    Pole weight: 1.3kg 
    Total weight (+-10%):  11.3kg 
    Packed Size 22 x 60 cm

    Dimensions 8-10

    Specifications 12-14
    Persons: 12-14
    Area: 23.5m2  
    Weight Outer tent: 5.8kg  
    Weight Inner tent: 3.6kg 
    Weight groundsheet: 2.1kg 
    Peg weight: 0.9kg 
    Pole weight: 1.5kg 
    Total weight (+-10%):  13.9kg 
    Packed Size 24 x 60 cm

    Dimensions 12-14
  4. Fabric Outer Tent: 75D Rainguard® FR, 3000 mm
    Pole: Aluminium
    Fabric Inner Tent: Polyamide Water Repellent /  Fire Resistant
    Fabric Ground Sheet: Polyamid SI FR, 5000mm
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