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Tents, Shelters & Hammocks
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Tent, Shelter & Hammock

£ 74.55
(-15.00%) £ 63.37
Snugpak  Bivvi BagThe Snugpak® Bivvi Bag, perfect for UK Weather Conditions 
£ 64.95
(-15.00%) £ 55.21
Snugpak All Weather Shelter G2The Snugpak® All Weather Shelter is an impressive 9.3m2 rhombus shaped tarp shelter, designed for Bushcraft, Wild Camping, Group Activities, Military and Cadet Use. 
£ 79.95
(-15.00%) £ 67.96
Snugpak Hammock CocoonA novel solution to the problem of a sleeping bag and clothing insulation compressing under the tension from the hammock. 
£ 44.95
(-15.00%) £ 38.21
Snugpak Hammock QuiltThe Hammock Quilt is designed to keep you warm and comfortable with easy access to your hammock
£ 54.95
(-15.00%) £ 46.71
Snugpak Hammock Under BlanketThe Snugpak Under Blanket is a totally new innovation
£ 179.95
(-15.00%) £ 152.96
Snugpak IonosphereThe Ionosphere by Snugpak ® is a two-pole, one-door compact tent; expertly designed for planned overnight ventures, wild camping and adventure races, where more robust protection from the weather elements is required. 
£ 129.95
(-15.00%) £ 110.46
Snugpak Journey Solo Tent - Sunburst Orange1 person bivvi tent inner-first pitch with footprint
£ 59.95
(-15.00%) £ 50.96
Snugpak Jungle HammockThe Jungle Hammock is great when you need protection from biting insects
£ 89.95
(-15.00%) £ 76.46
Snugpak Special Forces Centre Zip BivviSometimes you need to travel as light as possible & be prepared to take cover quickly in adverse conditions
£ 159.95
(-15.00%) £ 135.96
Snugpak Stratosphere Hooped BivviThis one man bivvi shelter is much smaller than a standard tent but with all the features

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