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" In 2012 we created Luci®, an inflatable solar light, with the goal of making an affordable clean energy product that people could use in any situation - from outdoor camping adventures to backyard parties to everyday living for people in developing countries without electricity. Advancements in renewable tech have given us the means to literally put the power of the sun into a device that fits in the palm of your hand. "  
£ 17.50
(-15.00%) £ 14.88
Luci Core Portable LightTask light, emergency light, overhead light, Luci Core does it all
£ 49.95
(-15.00%) £ 42.46
MPOWERD Luci Base CampExtending the day into night. With 360 lumens, mobile charging, and lasting up to 50 hours on a single charge
£ 69.95
(-15.00%) £ 59.46
MPOWERD Luci ConnectThe sun just got a little brighter. 
£ 19.95
(-15.00%) £ 16.96
MPOWERD Luci EMRGLuci EMRG is a pocket-sized lantern, flashlight and emergency light all-in-one. 
£ 24.95
(-15.00%) £ 21.21
MPOWERD Luci LuxBright, warm light in the palm of your hand. 
£ 24.95
(-15.00%) £ 21.21
MPOWERD Luci Outdoor 2.0Inflatable solar adventure/camp light
£ 39.95
(-15.00%) £ 33.96
MPOWERD Luci Pro LuxOur toughest, longest lasting light ever, GO FURTHER with the Luci Pro Series: Lux
£ 39.95
(-15.00%) £ 33.96
MPOWERD Luci Pro: Outdoor 2.0 + Mobile ChargingOur toughest, longest lasting light ever, GO FURTHER with the Luci Pro Series: Outdoor 2.0
£ 39.95
(-15.00%) £ 33.96
MPOWERD Luci Solar String LightsThe first of its kind, Luci Solar String Lights are multi-use solar lights

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