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" LEKI seeks to offer the ultimate, highest-performing products with passion and a highly qualified, long-term, and experienced workforce. We operate under one strategic mandate: To combine safety and comfort with attractive design.
Today, LEKI Lenhart GmbH is broadly recognised as the absolute world leader in pole and glove systems thanks to the consistent implementation of this philosophy. "
£ 79.95
Leki Corklite Trekking PolesLeki Corklite Trekking Poles 
£ 99.95
Leki Cressida Speed Lock Ladies PolesLeki Cressida ladies poles
£ 69.95
Leki Khumbu Trekking PolesLeki Khumbu Trekking Poles 
£ 69.95
LEKI Photosystem Camera Trekking PoleSingle lightweight trekking pole with integrated camera adaptor
£ 109.95
Leki Sherpa XL Trekking PolesLeki Sherpa XL Trekking Poles 
£ 64.95
Leki Trail AS Trekking PolesLeki Trail AS Trekking Poles 
£ 54.95
Leki Trail Trekking PolesLeki Trail Trekking Poles
£ 7.00
Leki Trekking PadReplaceable trekking pads, made of vulcanised material