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Gear Aid

" We developed the Gear Aid Outdoor line of products because we’re passionate about helping people properly care for and repair their sporting and outdoor gear.
We want you to be a master of gear repair, with the knowledge you need to eliminate soggy feet, leaking tents and deflated sleeping pads - and save the day.
£ 8.99
(-15.00%) £ 7.64
Gear Aid Aquasure + FDRepair all types of gear failures with Aquasure FD. 
£ 9.99
(-15.00%) £ 8.49
Gear Aid Aquasure + SR Shoe RepairDurable, flexible, and shock-absorbing, Aquasure + SR Urethane Formula Shoe Repair
£ 8.99
Gear Aid Tenaciuos Mesh PatchesSave your mosquito net and keep the bugs out with Tenacious Tape Mesh Patches

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