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Carving Tools
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Carving Tools

£ 37.95
Casstrom Wood Carving Knife 6.5cmA classic Scandinavian Wood Carving knife, or Sloyd knife, in a sturdy format
£ 24.95
Mora 106  Knife Mora Knife Erik Frost 106
£ 20.95
Mora 120  KnifeSmall carving tool designed for the finer detail
£ 29.00
Mora 162 Hook KnifeThis knife has a dubble-edged stainless steel blade so that you can use it for both pull and push carving. 
£ 25.95
Mora 163 Hook Knife Hook knife for spoon carving - ideal for slightly shallower work
£ 29.00
Mora 164 Hook Knife This knife has a single-edged stainless steel blade for right hand use
£ 29.00
Mora 164 Hook Knife LEFT HANDEDThis knife has a single-edged stainless steel blade for left hand use
£ 35.00
Mora 220 Wood Splitting KnifeTwo handled wood splitting knife
£ 15.00
Mora Basic Wood Carving KnifeBasic wood carving knife from Mora
£ 24.00
Narex Carving Knife Bent 822540Small bladed curved carving knife
£ 30.00
Narex Carving Knife For Spoon Making Right Hand 822101Right handed spoon carving knife.
£ 24.00
Narex Carving Knife Necking 822520Small bladed carving knife
£ 35.00
Narex Leather Tool Roll 14 PocketThis is a high quality 14 pocket tool roll
£ 24.00
Narex Leather Tool Roll 5 PocketThis is a high quality 5 pocket tool roll
£ 90.00
Narex Set of Graving Chisels Professional 868500Narex Profi 6 piece Carving Set
£ 120.00
Narex Spoon Carving Set Professional 4 Piece 8995014 piece professional spoon carving starter set
£ 90.00
Narex Spoon Carving Set Starter 3 Piece 8698003 piece spoon carving starter set
£ 17.00
Narex Straight Carving Chisel Standard 8mmCarving chisel for common woodcarving, suitable for those preferring tradition and style.  

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