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Axes & Accessories

£ 13.50
Casstrom Axe Loop - BlackAn axe loop that allows your axe to hang from your belt, fitting most handles.
£ 13.50
Casstrom No25 Cognac Leather Axe SheathReplacement leather axe sheath
£ 44.99
Cold Steel Frontier HawkSuitable for re-enactors from any period stretching from the French and Indian War, upto the final settling of the West in the late 1800's
£ 5.00
Cold Steel Frontier Hawk SheathReplacement, Cor-Ex™ sheath for a Frontier Hawk
£ 5.00
Cold Steel Norse Hawk SheathReplacement, Cor-Ex™ sheath for a Norse Hawk
£ 15.99
Cold Steel Spare Tomahawk HandleReplacement axe handle for the Cold Steel Tomahawk range
£ 44.99
Cold Steel Trail HawkModeled after an early frontier pattern, the Cold Steel Trail Hawk has proven to be incredibly popular
£ 5.00
Cold Steel Trail Hawk SheathReplacement, Cor-Ex™ sheath for a Trail Hawk
£ 3.50
Danish Oil 30mlBrings out the natural grain of the wood and provides a satin to gloss finish.
£ 9.00
Faithfull Tools Hickory Axe HandlesA fawn foot pattern axe handle made from the finest hickory timber with a waxed finish.
£ 45.95
Hultafors Agdor Hatchet - 840025A small axe for outdoor use in forests and open land - 600g
£ 49.95
Hultafors Agdor Hatchet - 840086A small axe for outdoor use in forests and open land - 900g
£ 94.35
Hultafors Agelsjon Mini HatchetThis is our smallest hatchet, suitable for hiking in the mountains or in the woods
£ 99.50
Hultafors Hultan HatchetOur classic trekking hatchet is the perfect outdoor companion
£ 109.95
Hultafors Qvarfot Felling AxeThis is an axe well suited to assist you in small scale forestry
£ 52.50
Hultafors Splitting Axe KLY 7-0,9 SV - 840581Lighter splitting axe best suited to splitting of ‘fireplace wood’

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