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Walking Poles
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Walking Poles

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Fizan 50mm Trekking Baskets (PAIR)The Fizan 50 mm Trekking Basket can be attached as an accessory or used as a replacement piece for any number of Fizan's successful walking pole range 
79.95 GBP
Leki Corklite Trekking PolesLeki Corklite Trekking Poles 
69.95 GBP
Leki Khumbu Trekking PolesLeki Khumbu Trekking Poles 
69.95 GBP
LEKI Photosystem Camera Trekking PoleSingle lightweight trekking pole with integrated camera adaptor
109.95 GBP
Leki Sherpa XL Trekking PolesLeki Sherpa XL Trekking Poles 
64.95 GBP
Leki Trail AS Trekking PolesLeki Trail AS Trekking Poles 
54.95 GBP
Leki Trail Trekking PolesLeki Trail Trekking Poles
7.00 GBP
Leki Trekking PadReplaceable trekking pads, made of vulcanised material