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Aquapac Camcorder Case 468It allows you to film in places you wouldn’t dream of taking your camcorder otherwise. For example in the dinghy, or even while snorkelling.
8.29 GBP
(-50.00%) 4.14 GBP
Exotac fireROD™ Refill KitReplacement rod for the Exotac fireROD™
5.99 GBP
(-50.00%) 3.00 GBP
Exotac nanoSTRIKER™ Refill KitRefill kit for standard Exotac nanoSTRIKER™
18.00 GBP
(-50.00%) 9.00 GBP
Exotac polySTRIKER™Made from recyclable ABS plastic, polySTRIKER™ fills the minimalist niche without sacrificing design or usability
120.00 GBP
(-50.00%) 60.00 GBP
Exped Glissade 35 PackCompact and streamlined winter pack 
100.00 GBP
(-50.00%) 50.00 GBP
Exped Mountain Lite 20The Exped Mountain Lite 20 is a great day pack for any activity.
120.00 GBP
(-50.00%) 60.00 GBP
Exped Mountain Lite 30The Exped Mountain Lite Pack is a refined, compact and lightweight alpine pack for day trips. 
130.00 GBP
(-50.00%) 65.00 GBP
Exped Mountain Lite 40
130.00 GBP
(-50.00%) 65.00 GBP
Exped Vertigo 45Designed specifically for technical mountaineering trips requiring extra gear and the associated weight.
3.00 GBP
(-50.00%) 1.50 GBP
Fizan 50mm Trekking Baskets (PAIR)The Fizan 50 mm Trekking Basket can be attached as an accessory or used as a replacement piece for any number of Fizan's successful walking pole range 
8.00 GBP
1.50 GBP
Horizon Deluxe Cotton Outdoor SocksThese Deluxe Cotton Outdoor socks are ideal for all outdoor activities.
15.00 GBP
1.50 GBP
Horizon Fleece Welly LinerThe Fleece Welly Liner, from Horizon, is a warm and soft boot shaped sock.
13.50 GBP
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Lifesystems Expedition Sun - Active Lifesystems Expedition Sun - Active
9.99 GBP
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Lifeventure Money Belt Using a metallic sliding buckle, this attractive canvas belt looks like a normal belt but has a hidden pocket next to the skin for keeping some hidden cash in case of an emergency.
28.00 GBP
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Light My Fire Pack´n Eat Kit™Eat out in style! What you need to share a meal with a friend
14.00 GBP
(-50.00%) 7.00 GBP
Light My Fire Pack-up-Bottle™Big when you need it, small when you don't
6.00 GBP
(-50.00%) 3.00 GBP
Light My Fire Pack-up-Cup™Expand to drink, collapse to carry
25.00 GBP
(-50.00%) 12.50 GBP
Light My Fire Pack-up-Drink Kit™Fill it. Drink it. Fold it - collapsible and compact drink
7.00 GBP
(-50.00%) 3.50 GBP
Light My Fire Salt & Pepper PlusSpice is the variety of life, but how do you take it with you on an outing?
3.25 GBP
(-50.00%) 1.63 GBP
Light My Fire Spork LargeThe spoon-fork-knife combo for cooking and serving
5.50 GBP
(-50.00%) 2.75 GBP
Light My Fire Spork XM - 2 PackOur spoon-fork-knife combo brings a bit of civilization to the wild and a bit of the wild to civilization.
19.00 GBP
(-50.00%) 9.50 GBP
Lorpen Ladies Tri Layer Midweight HikerA technical designed sock for summer hiking that can keep the foot dry and provide just the right amount of cushioning for all day comfort.
21.00 GBP
(-50.00%) 10.50 GBP
Lorpen Mens Heavy Trekker SockHeavy weight sock - padded for warmth on those cold fall and winter hikes, or for when at high altitudes.
17.00 GBP
(-50.00%) 8.50 GBP
Lorpen Tri Layer Ladies Light Hiker SocksDesigned for day hiking and trail walking, this is a sock that has excellent moisture management for warm summer days.
8.99 GBP
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Mountain Paws ClunkMountain Paws Clunk8.
6.99 GBP
(-50.00%) 3.50 GBP
Mountain Paws Walkies Lead
A tough lead made from webbing tape
40.00 GBP
(-50.00%) 20.00 GBP
Outdoor Research Mens Adrenaline GlovesOutdoor Research Men's Adrenaline Gloves are warm, versatile ski gloves with light insulation
38.00 GBP
(-50.00%) 19.00 GBP
Outdoor Research Mens Adrenaline MittsThe Adrenaline Mitts have all the function and features needed for protection through a long day of thigh-burning skiing
38.00 GBP
(-50.00%) 19.00 GBP
Outdoor Research Womens Adrenaline GlovesWaterproof and breathable, the Adrenaline Gloves have all the function and features needed for protection through a long day of thigh-burning skiing.
37.00 GBP
(-50.00%) 18.50 GBP
Stormy Kromer Ida CapWe love women who love the outdoors, and this cap is designed for them.
37.00 GBP
(-50.00%) 18.50 GBP
Stormy Kromer Original Cap 50010Stormy Kromer Original Cap 50010
70.00 GBP
(-40.00%) 42.00 GBP
Tilley T4 Cotton DuckThe broad brim T4 Hat was among the first styles of Tilley Hats made and is still going strong today