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Coleman Northstar
Has a 220 watt output. It uses one mantle and runs on unleaded fuel on full power for approx 14 hours.

Mike says...
" The Northstar is a great companion around camp if you are vehicle based. It takes a little maintenance, but you must ensure you carry spare mantles and transport it in a carry case. "


Feuerhand Lantern
The Original Feuerhand lantern, made in Germany.

This solid and high grade lamp, gives you light for about 20 hours with a full tank.

Mike says...
" Great easy to use lantern for around camp or the BBQ area. I use Paraffin as a fuel - it is easy to fill and light. The lantern gives off enough light so you can carry it around camp and gives any camping trip that old-time feel. If you want a brighter light, choose a Coleman. "


UCO Candlelier Triple Candle Lantern

3 separate 9 hour candles give plenty of light and heat.

Mike says...
" Great piece of kit for the home or base camp, gives enough light to carve by in the evenings and will boil a mug of water. Always use with the Candlelier storage case. "


UCO 9 Hour Candle

Pack of 3, 9 hour candles.

Mike says...
" I carry one of these candles when I fancy a night in a natural shelter. The flickering glow from the candle gives that warm and inviting feeling in the shelter. "


Princeton Tec Helix Basecamp

Whether camping or playing a card game on the deck, the goal is to spend more time together with those who are important to us.

Helix Basecamp packs the latest LEDs, while the collapsible globe keeps the light soft on your eyes. This lanternís collapsible legs raise the lantern up to ensure it lights up a wide area, while multiple hanging options add versatility. The power dial controls dimmable white and red LEDs in the same intuitive manner as old-school gas lanterns. Lockout prevents accidental activation.

Mike says...
" I purchased one of these for an Autumn campout and was so impressed that I bought another three. They pack down really well, give great light either white or red and can be hung or placed on a surface. They take 4 AA batteries (I use rechargeable ones), but if the charge runs out I can replace these with standard AA batteries. I also like the illuminous globe which makes the lantern easy to find in the night. Great piece of kit. "


Nitecore P12

The Nitecore P12 redefines what is possible from a compact every day carry flashlight that is small enough to fit into a pocket. With a maximum output of 1000 lumens from the Cree XM-L2 U2 LED and a range of up to 232 meters, the P12 out performs every other light in its class with ease while adding many unique and innovative features.

Mike says...
" WOW, 1000 lumens. This torch is awesome, small, powerful and decent battery life. With great waterproofness and impact resistance this torch suits me perfectly. "


Silva Compass Expedition 54
The compass we recommend is the Silva Type 54 sighting compass.

Mike says...
" When I am out, navigation is of paramount importance. The 54 gives me accurate bearings using the prism sighting within the compass housing. I have used one of these for nearly 30 years, and always carry a spare in my kit. "


Navigation Romer Card
Coupled with the compass Romer Card is an essential piece of equipment.

Mike says...
" Although the 54 has a romer built into the base plate, you can take and issue more accurate grid references with a romer card - always carry a spare. "


Tally Counter
The tally counter is a major part or our navigation equipment.

Mike says...
" The Tally Counter is used for counting our paces while walking on a bearing. An important tool if you forget the amount of paces to a determined point. "


Rite In The Rain Pocket Note Book

These are the truly go-anywhere, anytime, in any weather notebooks. The pocket notebooks are conveniently sized to take with you on your outings.

Mike says...
" Rite-in-the-rain have revolutionised outdoor notation. Stowed in the Tas Tiger map case I have a note book for a journal and another for general notes and navigation. Use a pencil (HB), then once you have used your notes, rub them out and re-use the paper. "