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Wilderness Cookery Course

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Wilderness Cookery CourseDescription
Cookery in any form is a great skill to master, especially in a woodland over an open fire.

Join the Tamarack Team in this epic culinary journey where you will learn many skills, recipes, hints and tips to make that camping experience even more enjoyable.

 - Starting and managing fire for cooking
 - Camp kitchen and hygiene, preparation and storage of food stuffs
 - Cooking without pots or utensils including ponassing and planking
 - Game preparation including humane dispatch, skinning and butchery on a variety
   of game and fish 
 - Preserving meat with smoke
 - Foods for backpacking and micro cooking
 - Baking breads and Bannocks
 - Dutch oven and other cast iron cookery
 - Wild food salads and teas
 - Cooking with stoves including Woodgas, Ethanol and Propane
 - Crumbles and sweet treats
 - And much, much more….

For a full course overview follow the link to the Wilderness Cookery Course page.

 - Meet at Tamarack Outdoors at 18:30 on the Thursday, the course
   will finish at 16:00 on the Sunday
 - For directions and a map follow the link to the Our Shop page.

Additional Information
There is a minimum age limit of 16 for this course. Anyone under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

Terms and Conditions
Prior to booking your coruse please be aware of our full Course Terms and Conditions