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Vulpex Liquid Soap 1 Ltr

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Vulpex Liquid Soap 1 Ltr

Vulpex liquid soap is a safe cleaner for practically everything from paper to stone. Vulpex is non-acidic, non-foaming, non-corrosive, non-hazardous and germicidal making it ideal for a large variety of uses.


 - Vulpex attacks and emulsifies dirt, fats, fatty oils, mineral oils, waxes and
   hydrocarbons with great speed and efficiency. The dirty emulsions are remarkably
   stable, thus easily disposable
 - Micro-fine cracks harbouring dirt are subject to a deep-cleansing action rarely
   achieved with normal commercial cleaners


Vulpex Liquid Soap is supplied as a dense concentrate and must be diluted before use.

For normal aqueous cleaning, one part Vulpex to six or seven parts cold tap water (by volume) is sufficient. More water can be added if the soiling is light.

As a spirit soap, one part Vulpex in ten to twenty parts solvent will be found effective.