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Vargo Decagon Titanium Alcohol Stove

The Decagon Alcohol Stove is literally a huge step up in alcohol stove durability
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  1. The Decagon Alcohol Stove is literally a huge step up in alcohol stove durability. Go ahead and step on it yourself and see! It is built to withstand the abuse of everyday use while on any outdoor excursion .

    With no movable parts and a one-piece titanium construction, you’ll see why the Decagon is a step above the rest. 


  2.  - One-piece, titanium construction sets the standard for alcohol stove durability
     - Large centre hole makes filling and lighting the stove a snap
     - Bottom "stability plate” keeps the stove stable and prevents pot tipping
     - Requires little to no maintenance
     - Simple to use with reliable performance
  3. Stability Plate Diameter: 107 mm / 4.25 in
    Height: 32 mm / 1.25 in
    Burner Diameter: 57 mm / 2.25 in
    Fuel Capacity: 59 ml /  2 oz
    Burn Time: 20 minutes
    Weight: 34 g / 1.2 oz

     - Use only in a well ventilated area! Never use stove indoors!
     - Only use denatured, ethyl, or methyl alcohol as fuel! Attempting to burn other fuels such as white gas,
       kerosene, unleaded gas, etc. will potentially cause an explosion and serious injury.
     - Be sure the flame is fully extinguished and the stove is completely cooled before refueling to prevent flare ups!
  4. Titanium


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