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UCO Original Candle Lantern Kit Black

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This trusted, time-tested lantern fights dampness and brightens up camp or the backyard.


Original Candle Lantern - Surrounded by a sturdy metal frame and a glass chimney, the candle is lit in a flash, simply slide the chimney down and light the exposed wick. As the candle burns, the spring-powered tube pushes the candle up for a reliable, constant flame. Monitor the candle for remaining burn time through the viewing slot on the side of the lantern.

Side Reflector - When you need some focused light, clip the Side Reflector to an edge of your lantern and re-direct the light. It will increase the warm glow of your lantern and, though it won’t boil an egg, it will definitely kick up the cozy.

Cocoon Neoprene Carry Pod - Protect your investment with the UCO Cocoon. It wraps your lantern in a sheath of impact-resistant neoprene, and helps prevent scratches, dents and glass breakage during transport. It encases the lantern completely and, with no zippers or snaps, it slides on easily and provides ¼" of cushioning around the lantern.

 - Lantern collapses down to 4.25"
 - Lightweight, durable aluminum construction
 - Burns long-lasting UCO 9-hour candle
 - Easy-slide glass chimney, spring-loaded candle tube, and viewing slot
 - Carrying handle, hanging hook, and twist-lock base
 - Provides ample light, warms surroundings, and helps remove condensation

Dimensions Open: 6.5" high x 2" diameter (17 cm x 5 cm)
Dimensions Closed: 4.25" high x 2" diameter (11 cm x 5 cm)
Weight (w/ candle): 6.4 oz. (181 g) in aluminum
Candle: UCO 9-hour or citronella candles, or 12-hour beeswax candles

The image of a glowing tent in the wilderness night, stars and moon overhead, is an appealing one. With a little common sense a UCO Candle Lantern is as safe in a tent as other light sources, and much more appealing and economical. A Candle Lantern produces warmth in a tent while reducing condensation—try that with a headlamp! Always ventilate the tent adequately, keep the heat shield away from tent walls, and keep the burning candle within sight. The result is a warm tent, plenty of light to read by, and your headlamp's batteries are preserved for those times when you really need them.

WARNING: To prevent fire, keep burning candle within sight. Never burn a candle on or near anything that can catch fire. Keep out of reach of children and pets

Customer reviews
Shopping Satisfaction
Colour : Black
Not tried it yet but seems good.
Magnus A.
Shopping Satisfaction
Colour : Black
Kai T.
Shopping Satisfaction
Colour : Red
Lovely warm light and warmth produced from a small lantern.
David F.

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