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UCO Firestarter Kit

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UCO Firestarter Kit
For those looking for a little variety, UCO offers the new Firestarting Kit. Each kit contains 12 rainproof, waterproof Hurricane Matches (with a burn time of 12 seconds each), along with 3 Sweetfire Fire Starters and replaceable strikers. The kits come packaged in a reusable, waterproof case that weighs just over 1 oz., making it a perfect lightweight option for outings in the backcountry. 

 - 12 rainproof, waterproof Hurricane Matches 
 - 3 Sweetfire Biofuel Tinder Tabs
 - Replaceable Strikers
 - Reusable, waterproof case that weighs just over 1 oz.

Weight 1.9 oz. for kit
Dimensions 1.6 x 1.6 x 4.54
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