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Silva Expedition 4 Compass

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Silva Expedition 4 Compass
The Silva Expedition 4 baseplate compass has almost everything on it, a magnifier, millimetre and inch scales, roamer scales: 1:40.000 1:50.000 1:25.000, which makes it the most versatile compass in the range and works well with GPS users. It ticks all the boxes and is a great aid to navigation.

 - Compass housing made from Dryflex™ with a rounded base plate
 - Patented red/black orienting lines to ensure it is easy to take bearings
 - Map measuring scales mm, inch Romer scales, 1:25k, 1:40k, 1:50k.
 - Luminous markings
 - Friction feet
 - Hole for marking positions on map with pen/pencil
 - Built in magnifier for detailed map reading

Weight: 80g