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Sea To Summit Duffle Bag

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Sea To Summit Duffle Bag
The Sea to Summit Duffle is a fully featured, expedition grade duffle for hauling gear.

The large lid makes it easy to fit bulky items in and access gear at the bottom of the duffle.  It features a single pair of handles that offer three versatile and useful carry options: classic hand-carry, backpack, and shoulder sling. The padded base protects your gear while the padded lid improves comfort when wearing as a backpack. The lid has a durable dual-zipper that wonít break under tension and puncture resistant to reduce the opportunities for thieves. Magnets in the handles perform as a streamline handle keeper and external compression straps keeps you gear tight and easy to carry.

The Sea to Summit Duffle has been designed to be more versatile, easier to use and more comfortable to carry than any other duffle at base camp.

 - Large lid. Makes packing much easier, as well as allowing fast access to gear
 - Multi-Function Handles. These provide 3 versatile carry options and features:
    - Classic, hand carry: Magnets in centre of handles keep them together when the
      bag is put down. Air mesh on the underside for cushioning. The handles narrow at
      the natural grip point for comfort
    - Backpack: Padded lid cushions duffle contents against the userís back. Ladderlock
      buckles on the straps allow quick and easy adjustment
    - Shoulder sling: Handles join together for extra length, 2 layers of cushioning for
      comfort. Handle straps are secured with wiregate hooks for quick adjustment of carry option
 - Padded Lid and base. Protect the contents of your duffle from impact - whether you drop
   the bag haphazardly, or  something falls on it, your gear will be secure
 - Dual-zipper. The dual zipper features two rows of teeth for increased strength and puncture
   resistance. Fill the duffle to the top and feel confident that the zip will never pop open with
   rough handling.The puncture resistant feature stops thieves easily accessing your bag
 - Streamlined magentic handle keeper. Small scale magnets inside the handles keep them
   held together when the bag is placed on the ground. This makes it a much simpler process
   to pick back up when you need both hands
 - External compression straps and lash loops. When your load doesnít completely fill out your
   duffle, compress it down. The ladder lock buckles are completely replacable. Multiple attachment
   points make it simple to attach to a yak, bus roof or motorbike

Weight: 45L: 1.45 kg
             65L: 1.65 kg
             90L: 1.85 kg
             130L: 2.1 kg
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