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These Pooters are designed to assist in the safe collection of live invertebrates and are a valuable resource for fieldwork and school projects.

Suck through one tube while directing the other over small insects to draw them into the chamber.Specimens should not be left for any period of time in the Pooter especially as condensation can build up and stick light insects to the tubes or walls of the container. Specimens should be returned to their natural habitat.

 - Screw on collecting chamber

Pot Diameter: 4 cm
Pot Height: 6 cm
Tube Diameter (internal): 5 mm
Length (assembled): 24 cm
Weight: 30 g

Tube: Rubber
Pot: Plastic

1. Place the collecting tube close to the specimen being hunted and suck air through the air extractor tube.
2. A sudden suck rather than a long slow suck is more effective.
3. Specimens can be examined in the pooter or transferred to the similar sized collecting pots.
4. Use of a magnifier is easier when the specimens are in a shallow container and are therefore restricted, or use a `bug box' type magnifier.

1. Make sure the mechanical filter is fitted into the air extraction tube.
2. If the pooter is not new then please ensure that the tubes placed in the mouth are sterile. A solution used for sterilizing babies feed bottles works well.
3. Make sure users are instructed not to pass pooters around amongst themselves or to blow into the pooter (this causes condensation as well as increasing the risk of losing specimens and is unhygienic.

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