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Nite Ize Figure 9 Black Small - Single Pack F9S-02-01

nite ize
No knot cord tensioning device
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  1. The Nite Ize Figure 9 Small makes tightening any line a stress-free task. From bundling fire wood for your next camping trip to tying down trunk lids, this handy tool handles small tie-down jobs quickly and keeps the tension where you need it. Loop your rope through its strategically designed prongs, pull it tight and it stays that way.

    A smart alternative to complicated cam-locking devices or bungee cords, our Figure 9 also controls the release of high tension, avoiding sudden and dangerous unloading.


  2.  - Two attachment methods for ultimate versatility
     - Loop System
     - Fixed End System
     - Laser engraved instructions ensure ease in operation
     - Lightweight, strong aluminum construction
  3.  Fits rope sizes: 2-5mm
     Load Limit: 22.5kg
     Dimensions: 28 x 40 x 3mm
  4. Aluminium



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