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Nalgene Travel Kit with Bag

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Nalgene Travel Kit with Bag

We thought it would be nice if we had something a little sturdier and perhaps more stand-up-ish on the hotel sink.  So we developed this one quart bag to fit the TSA regs.  We added a leakproof zipper as a secondary containment in case that travel sized shampoo bottle leaks.  We threw in a little carabineer so it would be easier to hang and thought we had something pretty good.  So we added four sub 3 oz leakproof bottles with colour coded caps, one Q-tip vial and one straight sided jar for pills or thicker gels and lotions.  There is plenty of space left for the other liquids that you want to bring along.  We’ve taken prototype bags all over the world and they seem to stand up to lots of abuse.