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Nalgene Travel Kit Medium

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Nalgene Travel Kit Medium
The Nalgene containers in the Travel Kit Medium are a very useful set of various size and shape containers.
There's no better brand on the market for transporting lotions, liquids and powders with peace of mind from spills and leaks that can damage or stain your valuable clothing and luggage.


- They are guaranteed leak proof.
-  Ideal for all soaps and liquids.

1 x HDPE 30ml (round)
2 x LDPE 125ml (round)
2 x HDPE 60ml (square)
1 x HDPE 125ml (rectangle)
1 x storage pot 30ml
1 x storage pot 60ml
2 x spare dispensing caps

HDPE -  high-density polyethylene    

LDPE - low-density polyethylene