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Multimat Compact Kumfie sit-mat

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Multimat Compact Kumfie sit-mat

Sit-mats are an excellent accessory for backpackers and campers but the Compact Kumfie sit-mat is particularly useful for ramblers and walkers too because it is a small sit-mat that folds up and can be slipped into a pocket.

Unfolded, it provides an excellent sitting area of almost 15ins x 15ins and is made durable foam so that even though it is 6.5mm thick it is strong enough to last and still provides a warm, dry cushion for you to sit on.

Like the other sit-mats in the range, it is made from waterproof and non-absorbent foam so it will keep you warm and dry while providing a comfortable cushion when you sit down - even on a wet surface.

If you are after a small sit-mat, the Compact Kumfie sit-mat won’t let you down.

 - Manufactured from waterproof closed cell foam
 - Tough and durable
 - Comfortable and thermally insulating
 - Easy to clean

Dimensions: 385 x 390 x 6.5 mm
Weight: 40 g

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