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Mountain Paws Shock Absorber Dog Lead

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Mountain Paws Shock Absorber Dog Lead
The Shock Absorber Dog Lead is designed to do exactly that, absorb shock. It features a strong elasticated section which reduces the tug felt from a sudden pull.

With some dogs, this is something you would want to have anyway but it is also particularly helpful if you and the dog are jogging together.

It can be used as a hand-held lead with a padded neoprene wrist loop or it can be attached around your waist so you are hands free.

To ensure that the dog is kept safe, we have included a grab loop up behind the dog’s collar. This means that you can establish immediate 100% control which you might want when near traffic.

The high strength screw gate karabiner ensures a secure link to your dog’s collar.

 - Hand held or round the waist
 - Strong elastic section
 - Shock absorption and greater freedom of movement
 - Padded neoprene handle
 - High strength karabiner tested to 12 kN
 - Nylon covered stretch webbing (lead)
 - 65% neoprene
 - 35% polypropylene (handle)

Weight: 150g
Dimensions: 1500mm