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LifeStraw Peak Series Large Capacity Gravity Water Filter System with Safe Water Storage Bag 8L + 8L

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The ultimate basecamp high-capacity filtration system that allows for seamless quick-connected safe storage for even more hydration
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  1. The high-capacity system made with high-performance materials designed for long term durability to meet your water filtration and water storage needs. The large cap allows easy filling, cleaning, and leak-proof mobility, with an included smaller plug cap to seal off connection for water storage. The optimized filtration cartridge boasts a high flow rate and ability to remove sand and silt without clogging. It’s the only system needed for you and the whole crew as long as you’re on your adventure. 

    Enhanced microfilter performance: Our re-engineered membrane and custom backwash accessory means better performance against sand and silt, maintaining great flow over the long haul 

  2. The best in dromedary meets the best in water filtration performance: high-capacity basecamp filtration for the whole crew
    Protects against bacteria, parasites, microplastics, silt, sand, and cloudiness
    Great for large groups, basecamp, and RV or van travel – easy to hang from a tree or RV for quick hydration
    Extreme durability: made with premium materials resistant to punctures and rips during your travels
    Highly versatile: can remove the filter from the gravity bag and use it as a straw on the go or with a water bottle
    Membrane microfilter lasts up to 2,000 L (500 gallons)
  3. Protects against bacteria, parasites, microplastics, silt, sand, and cloudiness
    Extreme durability: premium materials make it tougher so you’ll never have to buy another
    Highly versatile means the gravity system is designed with every occasion in mind. Use as a gravity system, large squeeze bottle, as a straw, or use the filter with a water bottle
    Designed to be fully leak-proof to use as storage while moving about. Take it hiking, camping, or hang it from the RV
    Membrane microfilter lasts up to 2,000 L (500 gallons)
  4. Dimensions: 14 x 23.5 in | 35.6 x 59.7 cm
    Weight: 19 oz | 536 g 
    Hose length: 47 in | 1.2 m

    LifeStraw Peaks Series Membrane Microfilter Protects Against:
    99.999999% of bacteria
    99.999% of parasites
    99.999% of microplastics, silt, sand, and cloudiness
    Pore Size: 0.2 micron
    Membrane Microfilter lasts up to 2,000 L | 500 gallons – water will stop flowing through once the filter has reached the end of its lifetime

    Additional Filtration Specifications:
    Meets US EPA & NSF P231 drinking water standards for the removal of bacteria and parasites
    BPA Free, FDA approved, premium materials  Includes: LifeStraw Peak Series 3L gravity bag with hose and standard quick connector, carabiner, leak-proof cap for water storage, easy carry strap, backwash accessory, user manual  

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