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Katadyn Combi Plus

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Katadyn Combi Plus
  • Katadyn Combi Plus
  • Katadyn Combi Plus
  • Katadyn Combi Plus
The Combi Plus gives you a two-for-one package: You get the versatile Combi filter that moves effortlessly from backcountry to motorhome, global travels to hikes, emergency use to temporary home use. No matter where, the replaceable activated carbon means chemical-free filtering. You also get the Combi Plus Faucet Kit that adapts the filter for homes, boats or cabins.

You end up with tasty, odor-free, thirst-quenching water. Our cleanable silver-impregnated ceramic provides water treatment you can believe in.

When flexible multifunction tops your list, the Combi Plus should be in your bag.

Combi Filter, Combi Plus Faucet Kit, Prefilter, bottle adaptor, carry bag

 - Effective against microorganisms
 - Effective against bad taste
 - Effective against chemicals
 - Suitable for groups up to 5 people
 - Suitable for clear, cloudy and extremely dirty water
 - For occasional, daily or very frequent use
 - For travels by motor-home, car, boat and stationary use

Eliminates bacteria, protozoa, cysts, algae, spores, sediments and viruses in combination with particles greater than 0.2 Microns. Also reduces chemicals.

Dimensions: 27 cm
Diameter: 6 cm
Output: 1 L/min
Capacity: Ceramic up to 50000 l depending on the water quality / Activated carbon up to 400 litres (2 fillings)
Technology: Ceramic depth filter 0,2 micron, Activated carbon
Weight: 580 g