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GoSystem Dynasty Trio

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GoSystem Dynasty Trio
  • GoSystem Dynasty Trio
  • GoSystem Dynasty Trio
  • GoSystem Dynasty Trio
  • GoSystem Dynasty Trio
Large double hob and grill family camping stove, that folds into a low profile self-contained case for transport.

A double hob and Grille/Toaster with tray, is, when folded, one of the slimmest family cookers we have seen. Both hobs have Piezo Auto-start ignition and the burner unit is cantilevered from the base of the case. The base of the case acts as the drip tray and has simple access to facilitate cleaning.

 - Piezo auto-start ignition system.
 - Double hob and grill/toaster with tray.
 - Capable of use with pans more than 30cm in diameter
 - Built in carry case acts as drip tray.
 - Fuelled by either a Go System EN417 gas cartridge, or larger gas bottles using a regulator.
 - Any gas source via regulator
 - Supplied with carry case

1500 watts.
320g of gas consumed per hour.
Continuous burn time of 1 hour 05 mins per 220g cartridge.
Will boil 1 litre of water in 2 mins 35 seconds.

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