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Genzo 5 Piece Butcher Kit

£ 49.95
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Genzo 5 Piece Butcher Kit
  • Genzo 5 Piece Butcher Kit
  • Genzo 5 Piece Butcher Kit
  • Genzo 5 Piece Butcher Kit

The kit includes a skinning knife, boning knife, steak knife, gut opener and sharpening steel.

The blade steel for this kit is 440C, known for its edge holding properties, corrosion resistance and use in food processing applications. The handles are coated in brightly coloured, soft, non-slip Santoprene.

The set includes a very functional plastic scabbard with waist belt and a nylon roll for neat storage and transportation - the knives and scabbard are dishwasher proof. 

This is a well priced set of cutlery for functional, fast and efficient handling of larger animals/game.

- Skinning knife (16cm blade)
- Boning knife (13cm blade)
- Steak knife (15cm blade)
- Gut opener
- Sharpening steel

Functional plastic scabbard with waist belt 
Nylon storage roll 
Dishwasher proof (knives and scabbard)

Blade Steel: 440c
Handle Material: Santoprene

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