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GSTgear The Seeker Extreme Packraft PRO 235cm

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Complete package included in The Seeker Extreme Packraft is a robust and durable packraft for use all year around in sea, flat water and rivers
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  1. The Seeker Extreme Packraft PRO is the ultimate packraft for use in the sea, water and rivers.

    With The Seeker Extreme Packraft´s low weight and durability, you can always have a robust boat available wherever you go, and you will experience nature in a whole new way.

  2. Quality and 3 year warranty
    The Seeker Extreme Packrafts are of high quality with 420 Nylon TPU tubes and 840 Nylon TPU floor that can withstand tough trips all year around, we therefore have a 3 year warranty on all our packrafts.
    The Seeker Extreme Packraft is designed to be safe and stable to use for everyone, this means that even first-time users will immediately feel safe on the water.
    We have 98cm width and 28cm tubes, this in addition to low center of gravity with our seats ensures that you stay stable in the water even in wind and waves.
    The rear of The Seeker Extreme Packraft is elevated, this gives an increased air volume so you can lean completely back and still not risk tipping backwards, but at the same time be narrow enough that you can get long grips with the included paddle which is important when you encounter strong headwinds or need to use more power or long controllable strokes in rivers.
    Our main focus is that our packrafts gives you stability, security, and high quality you can rely on regardless of the trip you are going on.
    Fast and directionally stable
    The front of our pack forces has a slight elevation which ensures that there is low resistance when you paddle, this means that you easily get up to speed and use little energy to maintain speed and momentum, something you will especially feel positive on the body on long expeditions.
    The Seeker Packrafts has a removable steering fin/skeg of 12cm which means that you do not have to correct direction when you paddle, you therefore do not have to sway back and forth in the water with The Seeker Extreme Packraft.
    If you are paddling in very shallow water or going down a river, you want to be able to turn direction quickly and go sideways into a eddy, then you can easily remove the skeg / fin and mount again when you are on flat water.
    Thick and robust floor
    The Seeker Extreme Packraft has a 840 Nylon TPU floor that is very durable and can withstand a lot of long-term wear.
    We have also chosen to lead the floor far out to the sides, which means that it is the floor part that will hit first when you paddle straight to land, so our packrafts provide extra protection with both 840 TPU and 420 TPU where the load will be highest over long time use.
    Attachment points
    The Seeker Extreme Packraft has as many as 12 attachment points for backpacks and equipment (6 front, 4 rear and 2 inside for leg adjustment)
    Carrying handle
    The Seeker Packraft is very light and durable but we know from experience that carrying over distances with one hand around the tube can be tiring and clumsy.
    We therefore have as many as 4 carrying handles on our packrafts.1 at the front and 1 at the back to pull the packrafts behind you, or that you are 2 persons that carry together and equipment inside the packraft, these are placed so that two persons easily can carry two packrafts at the same time.
    We also have 2 carrying handles inside the packrafts at the center, one on each side so that you, regardless of whether you are left or right-handed, easily have a comfortable way of carrying the packing force.
    If you are hiking, you can also attach your backpack to the packraft so that you can carry The Seeker Extreme Packraft on your back while hiking to the next water.
    Leg support
    The Seeker Extreme Packraft has 2 attachment points at the front for leg placement.
    We have chosen to include this as many want to buy a slightly too large packraft and have the opportunity to bring extra equipment, dog, children etc.
    You then simply attach a rope or strap to these fasteners and adjust them so that you can support your legs against it and you will then have the same control as a perfect fit packraft.
    Premium seat
    The Seeker Extreme Packraft has a very comfortable seat that easily can be inflated to the desired height, and at the same time we have chosen to have the valve easily accessible if you should come out for unforeseen weather or harder rapids than expected in rivers and thus can deflate air quickly which then gives you a lower center of gravity and increased stability.
    Thigh strap attachement points
    The packraft has integrated thigh strap attachment points so that you easilly can retrofit our thigh straps if you paddle in rivers or just want to be able to do eskimo roll for extra safety.
    The Seeker Extreme Packraft has a comfortable and adjustable so that no matter the bodyshape, flotation vest etc, you find the perfect and comfortable seating position.
    Removable Spraydeck and Sprayskirt
    The Seeker Extreme Packraft also has spraydeck and Sprayskirt included, which ensures that you keep water from paddles, waves and rain out, and provides extra protection against the elements.
    A spraydeck will therefore keep you dry, warmer and provide a more comfortable ride.
    The spraydeck can be 100% removed if want to paddle without spraydeck, the spraydeck is fastened with waterproof zippers on the sides and velcro in front and back.
    GSTgear develops many types of spraydecks for different trips and needs so you can choose a different version later and replace the standard version.
    GSTgear Packrafts has a little more weight than competitors, the reason for this is that our packrafts has everything you need and more of high quality included, extra attachment points and handles easier handling in the outdoors, and we have a large floor that goes around more up on the sides also to give you extra protection and safety.
  3. Included in the package:
    1 x Packraft
    1 x Adjustable packing strap
    1 x Premium seat inflatable
    1 x Backrest
    1 x Paddle 4 split 220cm
    1 x Backpack
    1 x Detachable skeg/fin
    1 x Inflation bag
    1 x Repair Kit (Glue is sold separate)
    1 x Spraydeck and Sprayskirt (Removable)

    Specifications:Usage: Water, Sea and rivers with moderate rapids.
    Packraft Material: 420 Nylon TPU
    Floor Material : 840 Nylon TPU
    Tube Diameter: 28cm
    Outside Width: 98cm
    Inside Width: 40cm
    Height: 28cm

    Attachment points: 6 Front + 4 Rear + 2 Inside for adjustable legrest + 2 Thigh Strap attachement points.
    Carrying handle: 1 Front + 1 Rear + 2 pcs inside (1 on each side)

    Length Packraft:235cm:
    Length outside: 235cm
    Length inside: 140cm
    Weight Packraft:235cm: 4kg
    Capacity kg:235cm: 180kg
    Sitting length can be measured by sitting in a comfortable position with back against the wall.
    Stretch your legs all the way out and measure the length from the wall and out to the legs.
    Other sizes are available to order just contact us for pricing etc

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