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DrinkPure Water Filter Package

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DrinkPure Water Filter Package
  • DrinkPure Water Filter Package
  • DrinkPure Water Filter Package
  • DrinkPure Water Filter Package
  • DrinkPure Water Filter Package
This filter is able to remove pathogens from water by effectively removing bacteria, protozoa and cysts as well as dissolved contaminants such as plasticizers and heavy metals. Accredited labs all over the world show rejection rates for bacteria, which are higher than 99.9999% (E.coli) and more than 99% (MS2 phage) for viruses.

The DrinkPure portable water filter is a revolutionary filtration device whose uniqueness lies in the multiple filtration layers: Novamemís own in-house developed membrane (patented Novamem DrinkPureTM) with a 10x higher flow rate than other membranes, activated carbon that neutralizes odors (e.g. chlorine) and a self-disinfecting prefilter. Our customers kept asking for one thing which we are finally able to fulfill: a portable filter which does not rot while not in use. This new self-disinfecting prefilter medium eliminates bacteria when the filter is stored.

DrinkPure is the only portable water purifier to combine high performance green membrane, activated carbon and self- disinfecting housing. As a socially aware company, we produce our filters in collaboration with a sheltered home.

 - The only filter with 4 filtration stages!
 - Simple use, up to 1000 L
 - 99.9999% bacteria, 99% virus retention
 - Self-disinfecting housing, no bacteria growth during storage
 - Removes odors like chlorine

Filter Dry Weight: 150 g

The filtration system can be screwed on basically every PET bottle which makes it the perfect companion: ever time and everywhere. You can use it also with the included foldable bottle.

Upon slight pressure on the PET bottle, the water starts to flow through the multi-level filtration system and the innovative membrane.