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DD Hammocks Superlight Jungle Hammock

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DD Hammocks Superlight Jungle Hammock
  • DD Hammocks Superlight Jungle Hammock
  • DD Hammocks Superlight Jungle Hammock
  • DD Hammocks Superlight Jungle Hammock
  • DD Hammocks Superlight Jungle Hammock
  • DD Hammocks Superlight Jungle Hammock
  • DD Hammocks Superlight Jungle Hammock
The DD SuperLight Jungle Hammock is our top-of-the-range camping systemthat offers everything you need, while weighing just 1.5kg. With adouble-layered base, fully detachable mosquito net and additionalwaterproof layer, the Jungle Hammock is an ideal solution for cyclists,backpackers, or anyone seeking a complete lightweight kit that packsinto one small bag!

A fully-modular camping system.

Both the mosquito net and the extra waterproof layer are detachable,making this our most customisable and versatile hammock model yet!Giving you the best bits of our most popular hammocks in one package,it suits a wide range of activities and really does serve the wholeyear round. Being breathable and bug-proof it's also the hammock werecommend for tropical or rainforest expeditions.

Add the full-width curved spreader poles and the Jungle Hammock becomesincredibly spacious. It also comes pre-fitted with our advanced WhoopieSuspension System a lightweight, knot-free way to suspend and adjustthe height of your hammock.

Take the Jungle Hammock on a hike or backpacking for a comfortablecamping solution on the trail. Bring it with you while mountain biking,to minimise carrying weight. Or, if you don't have an adventure plannedjust yet, detach the net and use the base for lounging comfortably inthe open!

 - Detachable fine-mesh mosquito net designed to keep out allinsects (including
   the Scottish midge!)
 - 2 x full-width curved spreader poles, to create maximum spaceinside and suspend the net
 - 4 large tabs on each corner of the base to support the spreaderpoles
 - Breathable double-layer base ideal for inserting insulationor a camping mat if required
 - 1 x 3m guy line and 2 x 1m elastic cord to structure themosquito net
 - Detachable waterproof layer use underneath for bivi campingor overhead as a compact tarp
 - Pre-fitted with our easy-to-use and lightweight Whoopie Slings,with Tree Huggers and
   our 8g SuperLight Karabiners
 - 4 internal pockets for small valuables and a larger suspendedpocket above
 - Compression stuff sack for easy storage

Size: 2.7m x 1.4m (comfortable for people up to 6ft 5in and 125kg)
Colour: Olive Green
Weight: 1520g
Includes: SuperLight Jungle Hammock, Complete Whoopie SuspensionSystem, 2 x full width poles, 3m guy line, 2 x 1m elastic cord, hangingpocket, extra waterproof layer.

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