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BEAL FF210 Headlamp

Beal Ropes
A powerful rechargeable headtorch able to simultaneously provide both close proximity lighting and long distance lighting
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  1. A powerful rechargeable headtorch able to simultaneously provide both close proximity lighting as well as long distance lighting. Its two buttons allow a second light source to be switched on and off independently whilst maintaining the first.
    The torch can be recharged using USB but equally works with AAA batteries. The FF210R uses Continuous Power for all its settings when used with the rechargeable battery: lighting output remains constant for the duration of the battery’s charge.
    With 210 lumens in Total Power mode and a 74m beam for only 103 grams, the FF210 R is the ideal head torch for all demanding outdoor activities, mountaineering or trail running. The modes are changed using two dedicated buttons; the first controls the ‘Focus’ beam whereas the second controls the ‘Flood’ and ‘Red’ lights.
  2. Features: Source N° 1 Focus
    - Powerful LED for focused long distance lighting when moving quickly
    - Medium mode: 76 lumens with a focused beam up to 45m.
    - Maximum mode: 170 lumens with a focused beam up to 70m.
    - Economical mode for a maximum burn time.

    Features: Source N° 2 Flood
    Powerful LED with a large beam for broad, uniform lighting
    - Medium setting: 45 lumens for comfortable and uniform close proximity lighting without bright spots.
    - Economical setting: 5 lumens for ultra close proximity lighting with a maximum burn time.
    - Total Power: combines source N°1 and N°2’s maximum settings for a 210 lumen output by pressing 
       both buttons simultaneously.

    Features: Source N° 3
    - A constant red light setting for discrete lighting or efficient signalling in flashing mode.
  3. - Rechargeable 1800 mAh Lithium-Ion battery using micro USB.
    - Charge indicator light.
    - Minimum 300 charge cycles.
    - 3 AAA batteries (not included) fitted in a container (included) can be used to replace the rechargeable battery.
    - Micro USB cable included.
    - Battery gauge.
    - 103g weight.


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